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Experienced Founder, Teacher, and Healer in the health and wellness industry.


Skilled in Mindfulness, Wellness Coaching, Meditation, Yoga Instruction, and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Applied Science - BAS focused in Social Work from University of Maryland Baltimore County and Masters in Social Work from University of Maryland.


Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with a strong commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and service. Extensive experience working with people from diverse backgrounds, expertise, and interests.


Expertise in both yoga and meditation program development. Thorough understanding of pedagogical best practices in yoga and meditation.


Experience developing websites (for example, and marketing through social media (Facebook and Instagram) and a variety of additional technology tools.

Danielle Beyers, MSW, E-RYT200


"I met Danielle many months ago. I took her morning Vin Flow Yoga class and loved it, and her!  She has been so inspiring to me so I follow her wherever she teaches. I am currently taking her Sunday morning Restorative Yoga classes at the Howard County Historical Society museum, and she also works with me privately.  Danielle is an amazing, patient, and expert teacher.  I am stronger, calmer, and more centered now that she is taking me on my yoga journey.  I am very grateful to her."     -Mary A.

"I have been doing yoga for about 10 years, and started taking Danielle’s yoga class in August 2017.  Her classes have changed my life! They are a beautiful blend of challenging yoga and relaxing spirituality.  Week after week her classes provide me with an outlet to clear my head, remind me what’s important, and inspire me to focus on intentions in my life.  I truly believe that EVERYONE can benefit from Danielle and how she runs her class, including both experienced and inexperienced yogis.  My husband, brother, sister-in-law, and father-in-law have come and all say how rejuvenated they feel afterwards.  It truly will make a difference in your life!"     -Tara W.

"My husband and I have practiced with several great yoga instructors but we must admit that our yoga compass always points to Danielle.  She has the wonderful ability to lead a yoga practice that will embrace a beginner or bring a challenge to a seasoned yogi.  We marvel at the fun and informative way she instructs and appreciate that she takes the time to know not only our physical strengths and weaknesses but our individual personalities.  Danielle radiates peace and warmth and we come away from  each session knowing that we have  spent time not only taking care of our bodies but having  tended to the needs of our hearts and souls."     -Valerie B.

"Danielle's knowledge, strength, warmth and spirituality light up the room during her yoga classes. Her strong commitment to her students and her yoga practice is always evident, and it is easy to feel a wonderful spiritual connection to her and her teachings. I highly recommend her restorative yoga class to bring more peace into your life!"     -Amy L.

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